Insight supports young people, families and children who are affected by drug and alcohol use.

How we can help

When you call or text us we will listen to you and find out what you think will help. We can do this chatting on the phone or we can meet somewhere that works for you. Our team will support you with a range of things like the effects of drugs and alcohol, how you can reduce your use, your wellbeing, offending and parental substance use.

Lucy Quote

“From the first session I was convinced that I could make some positive changes and progress to getting on the right track. I still have some low days like most people but I now know how to control my triggers and can live a normal life”

– Lucy (age 19)

We currently offer three Insight services in the City of Westminster, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and Haringey.

If we don’t offer a service in your area visit Talk to Frank to find your nearest service provider