Who we are

Insight supports young people, families and children who are affected by drug and alcohol use. We know that young people often face a lot of different pressures so we try to provide a range of services to ensure our recovery options are as varied as possible.

Our expert team is here to provide professional and confidential support to young people and their families which can range from providing advice or information to helping you to reduce or stop your drug or alcohol use. Our services look at the needs of the whole person including; improving their health, wellbeing and support networks which have a lasting positive impact on their families, friends and community.

Last year over 3,000 people accessed our families and young people’s services.

Insight is part of Blenheim, a leading charity that provides support to drug and alcohol users, their family and carers for over 50 years. Blenheim has recently merged with Humankind, a charity that is committed to reducing deprivation and exclusion and to improving people’s well-being. Click here to find out more about Blenheim, Humankind and its services.